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Discussion on: Secure ASP.NET Blazor WASM apps and APIs with Azure AD B2C

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I may need some direction in getting my implementation of your instructions to work correctly. I have been able to link ADB2C with the blazor client project, but when attempting to route through ADB2C to access the .net API, i am getting an error telling me that the config resource at that endpoint does not exist, but it also gives a "DENY" error:

System.InvalidOperationException: IDX20803: Unable to obtain configuration from: 'PhoenixRisingCounselingServices.b2...'.
---> System.IO.IOException: IDX20807: Unable to retrieve document from: 'PhoenixRisingCounselingServices.b2...'. HttpResponseMessage: 'StatusCode: 404, ReasonPhrase: 'Not Found', Version: 1.1, Content: System.Net.Http.HttpConnectionResponseContent, Headers:

Message in the

tag is:

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

And here is the end of the stack trace:
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.HttpDocumentRetriever.GetDocumentAsync(String address, CancellationToken cancel)
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.OpenIdConnect.OpenIdConnectConfigurationRetriever.GetAsync(String address, IDocumentRetriever retriever, CancellationToken cancel)
at Microsoft.IdentityModel.Protocols.ConfigurationManager`1.GetConfigurationAsync(CancellationToken cancel)
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

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Christos Matskas Author

Hi @woodpk , there seems to be some typo or issue with your metadata endpoint. Can you doublecheck and get back to me... feel free to email me at to work this out

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Don't know why it cut that text off... i'll email as that might work out better.