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Robin Thebe
Robin Thebe

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Which JavaScript Framework to learn

I am thinking of learning a JavaScript framework.

My mind say go with Angular but if i am planning for future, which framework shall i learn and will be good in terms of career?

Thanks in advance for help.

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Itachi Uchiha

I think frameworks should be used according to needs.

All frameworks almost doing the same things. Actually, they do the same things in different ways.

Startups can be used in new frameworks. So, that doesn't matter for them.

In your case, angular have a large community. You can find many components for what do you want.

You may don't want to learn TypeScript when you decided to learn Angular. Because the Angular currently using the TypeScript.

These are my opinions and may not be good.


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Amy Williams • Edited on

I agree with Ali, it depends entirely on what you want to build really and in terms of career it's best to look what is currently around you. For example, I live in South Wales, UK in a small place called Swansea with currently hardly any tech companies around. The ones that are around use React so it's wise for myself to learn React but understanding the fundamentals of plain vanilla JavaScript is also extremely important.

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Matthew Daly

The impression I've got of Angular these days is that is has a very, very high learning curve.

First of all, you've got to learn Typescript. This isn't as much of a barrier as it would be to learn a whole new language as it's a superset of Javascript, but it needs to be allowed for.

Then you've got to learn the framework itself. I've had a go with it briefly and it feels like you have to spend a long, long time in it before you start to be productive. The old Angular 1 was relatively quick to get started with, but the new Angular will take more time - I've heard anecdotes of people taking a month to get up to speed. All in all, I couldn't recommend it as a first JS framework, but it may be worth a look again in future.

React is my personal favourite. If you're a Wordpress dev it might be a good fit because they've started using it extensively in the Wordpress ecosystem. It's fairly simple conceptually, but the syntax can be intimidating at first.

Vue might also be worth it. It's kind of a hybrid between the old Angular 1 and React, and while I haven't used it in a while it has a fairly shallow learning curve and is pretty popular.

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You can try it with Angular.

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