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Contributing to React Pure Loaders

Hello, I wanted to share my experience with opensource, so I made this post to explain it and talk about the react pure loaders. Let's dig in!

My state in opensource world

My first ever opensource contribution was though hacktoberfest, that is an open source celebration period, lasting one month. This celebration in mainly promoted by digital ocean, giving prizing for those who makes 5 contributions to open source projects. I heard about that though a local community , then I sign up in the official site and start looking for projects to contribute. To help the new contributors, there are tags as 'good first issue', also there was the tag for the celebration itself, to help filter issues and some repositories were listed in the official site. In this celebration, I did small contributions in a few projects, mostly helping feeding new data.

After that, I was looking how I could contribute to any opensource project, so when I was searching in github explore, the react pure loaders endup showing and since it was quite nice, I decided to give a shot.

How Did I Contribute

Looking in the repository, the project had a few issues open and had others things to improve, such as the storybook and others things to create, for instance the website.

The first that I did help was updating the storybook, adding an option to allow editing the color in live mode, this option is a storybook add-on called knob, that allows to edit the props dynamically. After that, I talked to the owner and we discussed about creating a website for the package, showing what it was, how to use it and so on.

The Project

React Pure Loaders is an open source package designed to create a customizable loader component, allowing to change color and state. The created loader can be easily integrated in a react project.The package is built using typescript react, also using storybook. It's using a few bots to help with the issues, such as codeclimate, codebeat, codacy, that helps checking the quality of the code, also checks if there is some issue and help with the deployment process.

Some loaders:

Zig Zag Deflect

Scale Ripple Multiple

Contributing to the project

The loaders were created using typescript react and are under a MIT license, being available to contribute here. Both the loaders and the website are opensource and have issues to fix, so any help is wanted.

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