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Discussion on: Essential Django 3rd Party Packages

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William S. Vincent Author

I agree that GraphQL is super promising and when it works, it really works. But when I last looked, it was still pretty earlier days in terms of Django support--lots of non-minor issues cropped up.

That said, GraphQL may well be the future (hard to say) but REST isn't going anyway any time soon. This is my personal list so perhaps if I have occasion to use GraphQL professionally in the near future, I'll add more packages :)

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Yup. Key phrases: "if you're just getting into APIs" and "compare the two."

I've worked with both, and GraphQL is more pleasant to me. Single endpoint, no under/over fetching, etc.

Doesn't mean that everyone should rewrite the apps that are already running, but when I start a new app, Ariadne is my go-to now. Worth a look at least.

And the DRF is fantastic, with many pros as well.