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re: A bit of context, I was a team lead for 15 months on my previous job so I had a lot of interface with my then product/project manager. Usually pro...

I'd also add that a BAD PO relationship could involve PO telling you WHAT to do instead of the desired outcome. We had a scenario where we were being asked to store a piece of data that has nothing to do with our other data, and isn't created by our applications. The addition of that data would create an EXTREMELY large feedback loop that would most likely create more issues than it solved. The team that generated that information and whose information was actually relevant to it ALSO had a means to be queried, and doing so on THEIR part would close all of that funky feedback loop nonsense. Business team had no clue that their 'requirement' was problematic, but they still attempted to have the dev team do that work.

A GOOD PO would have brought the desired outcome to the team/lead and asked if there was a good way to make this happen on our side.

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