Rediseen: start REST-like API service for Redis database without writing a single line of code

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Hi there,

Recently I have been working on a side project using Golang. It aims to help start REST-like API service for Redis databases, without writing a single line of code.

I have made it public recently (with Apache 2.0 license) at https://github.com/XD-DENG/rediseen. You can install it easily via Homebrew (brew install XD-DENG/rediseen/rediseen).

It's as easy to use as below:

# Install using Homebrew
brew install XD-DENG/rediseen/rediseen

# Configuration
export REDISEEN_REDIS_URI="redis://:@localhost:6379"
export REDISEEN_KEY_PATTERN_EXPOSED="^key:([0-9a-z]+)"

# Start the service
rediseen start

Now you can query against your Redis database with HTTP GET call like http://localhost:8000/0/key:1.

Give it a try and share your feedbacks please!

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