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[New Release] Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Long Term Support – Bionic Beaver

How you can upgrade your Previous versions.

Canonical(the company behind the development of ubuntu Linux) has released themuch awaited ubuntu 1804LTS – tagged “Bionic Beaver”. (Note:LTS stands for LONGTERM SUPPORT).The new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has seen somemajor improvementsover its predecessor.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will be supported by canonical till April 2023 (its usual 5 years) with security and performance updates.

Ifyou want to try out Linux, you can downloadubuntu 18.04 LTSfrom the official repository. But if you already have ubuntuinstalled on your PC, you can upgrade to this latest version.


Tomove to the new ubuntu 18.04 FROM ubuntu versions 16.04LTS or 17.10follow the steps enumerated below:

  • Open the “ Software & Updates ” setting in system settings.
  • Select the third tab called “ Updates ”.
  • For 16.04 LTS: set the “ notify me of a new version ” drop down menu to “ any new version ” .
  • For 17.10: Set it to “ For long term support versions ”.

  • Press Alt + F2 and type “ update-manager -c ” into the command box.

  • Update manager should open up and tell you that ubuntu 18.04LTS is now available. If not you can run : /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk

  • Click upgrade and follow the on-screen instruction.


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