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Create a Virtual Host with a script!

xhikaa profile image Xhika ・1 min read

So I've been working on a shell script to help me setup a Virtual Host faster running on ubuntu (tested on aws ec2 instance).

Would be so happy if people would want give some critique and to test it on different server managers.

Link to github:

Some hosting experience is required..

So the steps would be:

Create an A record at your host provider
Clone the project to your server
In the github link follow the steps required.
Edit the name of your host inside the .env file and give the scripts some rights provided in the description and you're pretty much good to go.

Thanks :)

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manish srivastava

Okay good. You forget to add any antivirus in setup.

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Xhika Author

Thanks for reply, what do you suggest?

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