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Discussion on: From Music to Web Development -My Path

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Xiaomin Zhu Author

Hello Pawel! Thanks for your feedback. Since I made the decision to become a developer I have used every available minute to improve myself. Without question I have only scratched the surface so far and I face challenges every day.

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KowalewskiPawel • Edited on

Thanks for the reply, but I wonder how is it possible since I also do the same and I know a lot of very dedicated people. However, there are so many topics to cover in order to create your own apps these days, especially when we talk about full-stack. Starting from JS, async functions, recursion, ES6, classes, OOP, methods, event loop in Node.js, routes, middleware, authentication techniques, managing data bases, MVC patterns, unit testings, static files management, React hooks, state management, and those are just core concepts to start writing full-stack apps. Sure you can just follow along a tutorial and create a second Twitter clone or whatever, but when it comes to writing your code, how come a person can absorb that much knowledge in such a short time?

Another thing is preparing your coding environment, which can take even few days for the professional developers with experience, such as configuring your system, coding editor, linting, configuring bundlers and transpillers.

I would really love to hear about it, since I know that people cannot even learn English to let's say B1 level within 3 months, not to mention about such a giant thing as coding a complete apps within 3 months and getting a professional job. Thanks