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COVID-19 stats - Phone Call

What I built

I built a voice response application that uses Twilio's voice API. It asks users for a country or continent, then responds with the number of total cases, along with total deaths. After that, it gives the user a positive message.

Demo Link

Link to Code

Okay so I have recently been taking online courses in the data science field as I am graduating from comp sci soon, I am hoping to focus within this area. I made NBA predictor, and which scraped a basketball stat website, and thought I could apply the same logic here.


  • I follow about 1000 Twilio tutorials in python to see how things work

  • I make my own Twilio app to tell my little brother to go to sleep when its too late

  • Then use the app I made to tell my brother to go to sleep and turn it into an answering one.

  • I scrape the for info on how countries are dealing with corona

  • make an app which asks users for specific countries, and I respond with the total cases and total deaths in that country


  • some issues I had, was the voice Twilio API not being able to recognize my voice saying certain countries. Apart from that, everything went bless!!

  • another major issue I had during this project, was the website constantly updating their website, so I had to change the way I scraped the table with all the information.

What I learned

  • Now I understand the backend, when I call the bank and they say "in a couple of words, say the reason why you called"

Additional Resources/Info

big s/o to Twilio
big s/o to

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