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Discussion on: 10 rules to code like NASA (applied to interpreted languages)

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Rémy 🤖 Author

If you need half a brain to understand and check a switch statement that's already half a brain you're not spending on other things.

It's like these boxes full of things that "might be useful later" that some people keep in their garage, in the hope that one day this piece of handheld barcode scanner will yield any utility. But as you might know the day rarely comes and in the meantime it's holding a LOT of space.

So regarding the switch, two things:

  • Either you use it as a if/else if/else, in which case the switch syntax itself is simply useless because totally identical to the other one
  • Either you use it for its weird control flow characteristics, in which case it's mind-bending and dangerously close to goto

Basically, either it's bad either it's useless. So that's not something I want to bother about.

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Will Vincent • Edited

That's a hell of a twist of my words. Never did I say it takes half your brain to understand, but that someone with half a brain CAN understand..

Let me put it another way since you clearly didn't understand. Switch statements are stupid simple to grasp, unless the person looking at it is a complete idiot -- or, as I also said, completely unfamiliar with the syntax of the language, in which case they oughtn't be poking around the code in the first place.

Obviously we're not going to agree, and that's fine, I don't have to work with you, so your desire to eliminate perfectly useful easily understood elements from code doesn't affect me :)