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How to identify and prevent most common S3 security problems?

Amazon S3 is an object storage service widely used for storing many different types of data in the cloud.

While it’s inexpensive and easy to set up and maintain S3 buckets, it’s also very easy to overlook S3 security aspects and expose them to malicious attacks.

A typical example is accidentally allowing public access to S3 files.

Several recent high-profile data breaches were caused by lax S3 security.

Other attacks used AWS credentials from less protected services to download files, whereas those services shouldn’t have access to S3 in the first place.

In this AWS security guide, we will talk about some best practices to help you identify and prevent most common S3 security problems.

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Article sections:

  1. How you can audit AWS S3 buckets in minutes?
  2. Use policies.
  3. prevent public access.
  4. Disable file ACLs.
  5. least privilege principle.
  6. Encrypt S3 files.
  7. Use versioning.
  8. Enable Logging.
  9. Secure All Your S3 Buckets With Automation.
  10. Free checklist – 10 essential S3 audit.

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