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S1E18: XR Opportunities in EdTech

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The first half of 2019 saw USD 3.5B in VC funding in the global EdTech space. In this episode with David Bass-Clark, we go deep into opportunities for startups, content creators and what is missing with traditional platforms like Mobile Device Management (MDM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Learning Record Stores (LRS) purpose-built for XR content.

David is the Director of VR/AR Research and Development at Unity College, America's Environmental College. David is an experienced XR technologist and XR strategist. Be sure to visit the Extended Reality (XR) page to learn about the school's XR Innovation Lab and see examples of their work, like Crime Scene Investigation and Virtual Forest Distance Sampling.

Imagine the learning experiences you might create for students and the workforce that are either impossible in real-life or are cost or time prohibitive to run in real-life. What will your value proposition be for bringing super-human XR abilities into EdTech experiences?

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