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5th Anniversary of the Excelize Open Source 🎉

Excelize ( since 2016 has become the popular choice to process spreadsheets documents among cloud-native and especially among Go language developers. Deep in essence and known for their professional support and well capabilities, Excelize is being widely used by large Internet companies, SME customers, and startup companies. Now, for the 5th anniversary of the Excelize open source, it has been released 16 versions, more than 100 contributors have participated in code contributing. I would like to thank all those who support the development and contributions of the project, and I'm very happy to be able to help anyone in need it. For me personally, creating and maintaining an open-source project requires not only the ability to write code, write documentation, and community management, the more important thing is how to keep the enthusiasm, happy, energetic, and efficient output state.

Excelize Star History

Excelize Star History on 5th Anniversary

Excelize Contributors

Excelize Contributors on 5th Anniversary

In the future, I'll continue to work with developers in the community to optimize functions, capabilities, and performance, including to:

  • Make more API support concurrency safety
  • Keep to optimization performance for generating or reading data from a worksheet with huge amounts of data
  • More formula functions support in the calculation engine
  • Complex conditional format settings, data prediction support, etc.
  • Support more Chart style settings
  • PivotTable, PivotChart, Slicer
  • Number format parsing
  • Workbook encryption
  • More API will be support in the streaming reading and writing mode

At last, welcome to contribute to Excelize.

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