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I tend to name colors to experiment when developing a theme. These can then be assigned to primary-color etc.

  --budapest: #bd7898;
  --oprah: #a060a8;
  --sakura: #e6781e;
  --unsugar: #349e97;
  --keep-going: #ec2865;
  --fogg: #999999; /*good colorlovers */
  --laphams-gold: #cdac77;

 /* select the colors here */
 --primary-color: var(--keep-going); 
 --selection-color: var(--unsugar);

 *  Set the default links
 *  at this point we do not need underlining?
a {
  color: var(--primary-color);

That's a neat way to do things! On my profile site I just named them main, dark, light etc. right off the bat.

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