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Discussion on: Why we’re writing a Django book specifically for portfolio projects and MVPs

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Yaser Al-Najjar • Edited on

I found that learning the vocabulary before diving is far more important than anything.

Cuz what makes Django unique is its rich vocabulary.

1. MVT

2. Middleware

3. QuerySet vs Row level function
4. Objects Manager
5. Migrations
6. Transactions
7. Signal

7. Views (base classes & mixins) 
8. Forms
9. Permissions

10. URLs
11. Routers

12. Serializer
13. ViewSet
14. Hyperlinks

What to use and when to use it is what matters.

Those who don't know the vocab will always use the wrong tools.

  • Plz lemme know if I missed something (unique to Django) or maybe that I need to learn 😁