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re: What Alternative Text Editors Does DEV Use? (Not VS Code 🐱‍👓) VIEW POST

re: Do you use Notepad++ for more than just scripts? I've been away from Windows for some time, but I used to use it to write some small scripts and SQ...

I do lots of stuff in Notepad++

  • Writing articles

  • Writing my daily tasks (todo list apps are time consuming, time gets wasted just playing with the UI)

  • Organizing ideas (like before making a feature in an app, I write all the correlated stuff to do)

  • Outlining whatever before start to write (like before sending an email, I list what should be included and what should be highlighted)

I love the idea that you can check whatever line (like a checklist) or open a new tab or switch between tabs with ctrl+tab or close it just like web browsers or auto-save any letter you write... it's just awesome!

I actually keep it open all the day, it has lightweight footprint on memory and cpu.

Glad to see there's another Notepad++ fan.

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