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Is Writing Good Content Alone Enough To Run Successful Wordpress Blog ?

Writing good content alone is not enough to run a successful blog in today's competitive online environment. Writing content is just the tip of an iceberg. There is more too much more to run a successful blog.

First you need to have a good social presence. With social presence you can share your content with good number of people. If this presence is created intelligently and most of your follower / fans are genuinely interested in what you are writing, you can get a really good head start. These people will read your content with interest and share it with their friend circle. Also if it reaches to a good influencer, it will worth you gold. If you are using Wordpress for your blog you can use these top social media websites to increase your reach.

Second you should create a genuine Email Subscriber list, where you can send newsletter. It can give a massive push to your blog as you can reach directly to your audience's mail box. Here are few things to remember while sending a newletter to your subscribers

Third, you should optimise your blog to make it perform well in all aspects. If you are working with Wordpress, you are lucky. You get a number of plugins on Wordpress using which you can use to make your website Superhit. Here is a list of must have Wordpress plugins.

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