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I highly recommend this course: coursera.org/learn/programming-lan...

It's a free online MOOC with short lecture videos, about 10 mins each. The professor has a knack for explaining functional programming concepts simply and succinctly. He teaches statically typed functional programming, and I think covers the concepts that will really open your mind to the specific way of thinking with types and functions.

About a year ago, I actually started a lunchtime study group with some of my colleagues to tackle this course, with the expectation that it would take about four to six weeks to finish. The course itself is taught in Standard ML, but I prepared some supplementary notes to convert the syntax and some techniques to F# (the two languages are very similar). I can send you the notes privately if you want.

In our case unfortunately we didn't have the time or discipline to keep up the course, but if you have some support and engaged learners it should be possible.


Thank you for your comment.

I will definitely take a look at your link.

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