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Yann Briançon
Yann Briançon

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Eliminate SpringBoot Hibernate N+1 Queries

Hibernate is a famous ORM for Java applications. In this article, I show you how to improve performance eliminating the Hibernate N+1 Queries.
After some months on my first complex project with Spring and Hibernate, I needed to improve the performance to meet my users’ needs. That’s when I discovered the N+1 queries problem and its huge impact on the performance of my requests.

For example, because of the Hibernate N+1 queries, a request to get the 20 last messages was triggering 218 queries to the database. After having solved them, the number of queries went down to 7 and the processing time went down from 3 seconds to 400ms!

To help you achieve similar results, I will first explain what is the Hibernate N+1 queries problem. Then I will show how to detect it easily using spring-hibernate-query-utils. And finally, I will give solutions to fix the N+1 queries.

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