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Discussion on: Adding Authentication(Auth0) to Your Laravel 7 Application

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y-core • Edited

Hi Mohammad,

I followed the tutorial, created a new Laravel App on a local vagrant homestead box. It runs succesfully, but get the following error after Login authentication of registered user. This error appears on both the /login and /logout routes.

Client error: `POST https://<MYSUBDOMAIN>` resulted in a `401 Unauthorized` response: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Unauthorized"}

Sequence: is hosted on local vagrant homestead

  1. Click Login:

  2. Redirects: https://<MYSUBDOMAIN><CLIENTID>

  3. Redirects:

  4. Receive above error message

Could you assist to resolve the issue, please?

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Mohammad Shahbaz Alam Author

Hi y-core,


Can you share what you have written in Allowed callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs?

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