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My (not) First Finished Project

As someone who has been on the path to changing careers for approximately 2 and a half years via college, Its dawned on me that I have never truly completed a full project from start to finish. I have been in college the entirety of this time and the most I've done has been bits and pieces of things that did not amount to much, which to me is pretty pathetic on my end. With that being said, what a great feeling to see how far I've come.

Since I've started I have heard the term "imposter syndrome" thrown around a few times. This was something I couldn't relate to (or so I thought) because i just felt like it was all just a challenge and that it was suppose to be this way (which is true). However, it came to a point in time where I just stopped dead in my tracks assessed what was going on and thought "What am I doing?", "You didn't know what this job was 8 month ago and instead of feeling it out, you take one class and you dive head first into the abyss." My mind flooded with doubt and regret, and for a while I wanted to give up. Instead, after several failures to complete different projects and programs(some paid), I decided that I was tired of failing and joined a coding boot camp. So, I work full-time, attend college full-time, and a code boot camp part-time.

This boot camp has been the most inspiring time of my life and has brought to my attention of getting over "imposter syndrome". The secret for me is communication. I've always been a talker and one who wanted to help, so in doing that I answered a lot of my own problems. Someone ask a question over slack, I would have an idea of how to help them but was not fully sure, I would help anyway. In doing that, answered a lot of the questions I wasn't sure about. Having these conversations would in affect bring out the knowledge that I am slowly accumulating in ways I couldn't for myself. I have been in a team player mindset for quite some time, but since being in this boot camp I believe even more that it is the best way to go about things that ever before.

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