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Discussion on: What are the big differences between working for a "tech company" and being a dev for a "non-tech company"

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Yechiel Kalmenson

My first job was part of a team of 5 devs at a non-software company.

The biggest difference in my view was that software companies view their dvs as their biggest assets where non-software companies view them as an expense.

Because we were an expense, the company was always trying to cut corners. We never got time to pay down our mounting technical debt, most of which was added by engineers that the company outsourced to in SE Asia (another cost-cutting measure).

I was even told by my manager that the reason they hired me and another bootcamp grad was because two juniors were much cheaper than the senior developer they so desperately needed...

It's no wonder I "noped" out of there as soon as I had enough experience to get a job at an actual software company.

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Gabriel Abud

Had a very similar experience as a developer in a non-tech company, those positions tend to be very underpaid in my experience.

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

Yeah it happens. What concerns me is: biggest tech companies today are just advertising firms.