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Discussion on: Describe the Best Interview You've Been In

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Yechiel Kalmenson

My favorite ones were the ones that felt more like a conversation than a test.

One comes to mind where the interviewer was so at-ease he put me at ease immediately. It sounded more like a conversation between a junior developer and a more experienced one mentoring ("You don't like CSS, don't we all (chuckle), you should totally look up Flexbox Zombies when you get home (while scribbling it on a post-it and giving it to me)").

Of the more technical ones my favorite was one where instead of the interviewer asking me questions, we screen-shared and pair programmed together. She was typing, and I was talking, she would write a test, and I provided the code to have that test pass. It was totally chill; I was mostly talking pseudo-code so no issue with freezing up on syntax under stress. It was overall a very enjoyable experience.