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I had a friend who went to a bootcamp (sorry I don't remember which one) where the final project was two weeks. Week one students paired up to create a project, and then in week two you switched projects with another team and had to add features to their code without help from them.

I believe the focus was two-way, in the first week the focus to make sure your code was clean and documented enough for the next team not to have too hard of a time, and in the second week the focus was on working with a "legacy" app written by someone else and contribute to an unfamiliar codebase.


WoW! What school is that 'cause it just earned some major brownie points from me.


This is a fantastic idea! Talk about real world experience. Plus you get to actually talk to them when you don't get something and they have to explain why they chose to do it the way they did it


I've often wondered how you'd introduce this concept into a classroom setting. This is a really neat idea on how to do it. I think schools would benefit greatly from it.

I'd love to see schools or bootcamps introduce debugging of an intentional hard to find issue as well. Not sure how to do that one well either.


That's an awesome idea for a final project!
It will definitely help to prepare you for the things you will see once you start working.


Yup! I was really impressed when I heard that.

If I ever go into the bootcamp business that's one thing I'd adopt :)

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