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I work from home and recently moved my office from the box room to the extension for more space and natural light (it has a glass roof). I decided to do an IKEA hack to build a desk big enough for 2 people so my wife could use the space too.

Here’s my half. I have a 28” 4K screen and a 24” HD screen on monitor arms and my laptop (13”) on a stand to bring the height up:
my half

And from another angle where you can see the full desk. My wife uses a 28” 4K screen and her laptop (13”):
full width.

I built it using 3 x Alex drawers from IKEA and attached a kitchen worktop to it. I love working from here now.

better light


Wow looks nice. ❤️
Been trying to get these Alex drawers over but I can't get IKEA over here might make a custom made one.


I have to ask...
What kind of switches you got in those bad boys?
Also, those accent keys are dope!


Mine is Cherry MX Brown and my wife’s is Cherry MX Blue. Mine is pretty new and I’m totally in love it. It’s definitely my favourite one I’ve used so far.

Ah same for us. Both keyboards are mime but she gets mad when I type late at night with the Blues, so we switched!


I really like this setup + those sweet keys!

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