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I'm in a startup and we have a dev team of 3 so it's maybe a bit different here, but we're doing a mixture of things because it's especially important for us to be able to help each other out.

  1. Informal Team Code Reviews - We're not doing code reviews in the true sense because one of us write the back end in .Net/C#, one of us writes the front end in Aurelia/TypeScript and one of us writes the mobile apps in React Native/Javascript. Instead we try and get together fairly regularly to show each other anything interesting we've been working on recently. It's not really a prepared session beyond deciding what we want to show each other. If nothing else, it gives us a chance to look at each others code and get a basic understanding for how it all hangs together.

  2. Half a day a week of "training" time - To start off we were using this half a day for watching courses, reading books / blogs etc. We found that got a bit boring doing it every week after a while though. This is still an option, but I've also set up weekly "labs". We've got a few fun ideas for things we'd like to build that would involve us learning about certain things. The aim is to keep the tech stack similar to what we're using but also not limiting ourselves to this and still going for what we think is the best solution for the problem. We also don't want to limit ourselves to sticking with what we know. For example, I write the .Net/C# code but I'm pretty good with JS/TS too so I want to pick up some stuff on the web / mobile parts of our labs as that's how I'll learn to better support those parts of our own system. I personally think this is my favourite. It's fun for a start! For example we have table tennis in the office, so one of our labs is a system to keep score. We've even bought an Echo Dot so we could potentially write a skill to get Alexa to update the score for us. Another idea is to mount buttons under the table that we can hit to update. So yeah, fun and educational with a useful outcome :)

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