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re: So, @Romulo, first of all, thank you VERY much for this guide, it has been incredibly helpful! I will add that adding storybook to your current pr...

Oh, nice, I'm glad that my text helped :D

About that install-subset I'll look forward into it, my modules dir is pretty big right now.

I haven't had any other significant issues with Storybook and Quasar, using Vue18n and other libs are really bad and I did a little mechanism to replicate Quasar behavior with boot/plugins files with an index.js to load every boot/plugin file available, that can be really helpful when the application grows. About the variables I imported the quasar.variables.scss in the .storybook/preview.js and it worked pretty well because I don't have a lot of things going on in SCSS domain of the application.

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