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Its in the long term pipeline, and its something we definitely want to do so in phases, once we finalize our startup next round of funding (or as my co-founder said: when money fall from the sky).

This is unfortunately in part due to the very complex interconnectivity of the code various micro-services, that we would need to remove (for example billing, and some very enterprise customers specific work arounds), and the external auditing of all the dependencies licenses in process. Hence something that will take quite a long time... Most of it which is unfortunately my fault, for not doing so earlier from the beginning 😰 (technical debt)

That being said, on a more immediate basis, we are currently in development the feature to run test cases from git repos. A feature which would be made freely available to the open source community (in a process flow similar to travis CI) - which I strongly want to ensure gets launched right!

One of our biggest reasons for doing so, is to support the FOSS community, though honestly - much more specifically to support members in our local FOSS-ASIA and Engineers.SG community, who's been very supportive of us so far.

Especially with the lack of companies, contributing to open-source in our region in southeast-asia; We do wish to prove to more companies in the region, that it is viable, and beneficial, to balance both open source and commercial growth that benefits both communities.

Unfortunately in our context of πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ Singapore is a huge uphill challenge, we historically only had a handful successful developer tool startup before, let alone an open-source one, among many other factors.

However, it's glass ceiling, which I aim to break slowly with my co-founder @shiling 😁

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