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Review Lab 1

I find my partner- Le Minh Pham - through Slack and we both prefer Python. I just started learning Python, but he should be an expert. I learned some new libraries and methods after testing and reviewing Le’s code. I am surprised at the beautiful structure of his code. My partner helped me solve a big problem of finding folders, so I’m lucky to have such a partner.

Reviewing and testing code is an exciting and painful thing for me. I'm excited because I can learn a lot of skills from my partner. For example, the original code only has one file, but after optimization, it has four files, and many auxiliary functions are added, and the structure is clearer.
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The pain is because as a new language, it takes me a long time to review and test it. Especially, my partner is very diligent. His code changes a lot every few days. Based on my level, it’s hard to find issues about his constantly improving code. Despite all this, I can still find problems and put forward what needs to be improved. For example, the issue “--input folder command line isn't working”. I also give some [suggestion]. (

There are 2 main issues about my code. issue1, issue2 Le give me lots of suggestion to fix the bugs, and I am fixing them.
This lab is very important for me, because a lot of basic knowledge needs to be learned, and it also help me to recall the knowledge I learned before. I am confident to complete the future project

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