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Escape the Loop Hackathon

Team Declaration

Team Name – GENEous

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader Yohan Nayanajith 2019CS108 @yohannayanajith
Member 1 Esari Upendri 2019CS179 @cordexbyte
Member 2 Suwasana Dammithu 2019CS025 @suwasana
Member 3 Piumi Rathnayake 2019CS138 @piyu2018
Member 4 Buddhima Weerasinghe 2019CS185 @buddhima996

What we are building

System Definition.
The proposed system is to allow a client to read his own FBC (Full Blood Count). The system analyzes the patient's blood report and provides a description of sicknesses he might be suffering and the specialists in that area. The doctors can register to the system so the patient can make an appointment via the application.
In the beginning, clients should register to the system. The registered customers can provide details of the full blood count. The system analyses the data and describes potential diseases he/she might be suffering together with specialists specialized in that area. Also, the customer can make an appointment with a registered doctor if needed.

How we built it

[Initial Update]
Update 1
The system was analyzed and the EER diagram with its mapping was created. The database was designed accordingly.

[Update 2]
Taken to design interfaces. Started making a project proposal, and data was entered into the database.

[Final Update]
1st prototype of the website is designed with primary functionalities. Data is fed to the database through the website. Project proposal and report of the prototype together with future updates are finalized and prepared.

[Future Update]
It is planned to carry out proper research consulting doctors and lab technicians and collect data in order to improve the reliability and the sensitivity of the results.

Although at the moment, the system is only capable of producing a general result for patients of all ages it is expected to improve the system so it could produce customized results considering the patient’s age and symptoms too.

All the diseases that could be guessed using FBC is expected to be predicted in future updates.

We have plans to collaborate with private laboratories and hospitals so the patient can directly access their blood report digitally through the system.

Rather than making the user to allow manually enter data to the system we are planning to improve the system to scan the patient’s report and obtain needed data.

Deep learning concepts and neural networks are expected to be used in the process of scanning the report and extracting the needed data.

System will be tested with 10000 FBC reports for its functionality, reliability and sensitivity.
Furthermore other types of blood reports are expected to be included.

Technology stack
• Front-end – HTML, Bootsrap and CSS

• Data Science – Python

Python is the widely used language for data science and it also have many supports of libraries like OpenCV, TensorFlow so python is easy to use when doing machine learning.

• Server-side – PHP
We thought of using python as the server-side language but according our research most of the developers have suggested to use a language as PHP because routing and many more features would be easy to use in PHP because it is mainly a server-side language
“Python can be a great side server language, but not in the way PHP is. It is highly recommended to use a framework, like flask.
In PHP you have different .php files (like index.php) that do a basic routing, but in python (with Flask and also some others frameworks) you must define the URI path within the function.” (How do I use python as a server-side language?, 2020)

• Database - MySQL The data we have has relations to each other there for we use MySQL and MySQL and PHP are tightly coupled so that it is easy to use.


The whole software application gives a massive advantage. Though this severe COVID-19 will disappear recently from society, the patients may have a risk to do their medical treatments while standing in a long queue. Because such severe viruses may stand again. So, we can use this app for the medical treatments that the patients want. Patients can test their own blood group to identify the problems they have. The whole tasks are done using an online system. Which allows to use less time and labor of patients. They do not allow to wait for medical treatments because of this application. After doing their blood tests they can consult a related consultant for their relative symptoms.

Link to Code


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