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Discussion on: DOM elements with ID's are global variables

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Yoshevski • Edited

Yup that is why I had mentioned that they are following the practice of how ID generate variables (as globals) to document, just here in the scope of the components.

The point was if you don't check the template for IDs (assuming those global vars will be used in code) , you will find them used but never defined in the JS part which might get you confused at start. While the same thing in Angular, if you don't check the template, you can find variables in your component which aren't defined there. In both cases you will have to look in the template to find the references.

I hope it is more clear now :)

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Ashley Sheridan

Not really. In standard HTML, id attributes are made into global variables. In angular, component-scoped variables in the typescript/JavaScript are made available to the template HTML via template directives. They're two completely different things.