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Free Proxies

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Free Proxies

Who doesn’t want anything for free? What if you get a chance to use the internet for free? Free proxies or public proxies are the thing for which you've been waiting for so long. As the name implies, these proxies are available for free and can be accessed by multiple users. So, if you want to use a proxy for free, you’ll have to share it with others too. We don’t usually recommend our readers to go for the free proxies as they are a bit insecure, but there are pros and cons for everything and that we’ll discuss in this post.

What is a free proxy?

A free proxy is a proxy server that acts as a middleman or intermediary between the internet and your system as a whole and it provides these services for free. When you type a web address in the browser’s bar, a request is sent to the server that connects the website to the proxy.

In short, a proxy server helps you connect to the World Wide Web so that you can surf easily and get the information you want. Some proxies are private or dedicated proxies and can be accessed by only those who are authorized to use them; however free proxies are open and accessible by everyone. If you want to use the internet, you can contact the free proxy server and connect to it for using the internet.

A word of caution, however: if you're concerned about security, then you should not go for the free proxies as they are not secure. Many people are worried about internet safety because of scams and breaches of privacy. No one wants to be monitored by someone, and everyone wants their internet traffic habits unknown to anyone. As it is said that all free things come with some price, such is the case with the free proxies or public proxies. They are easy to find, but they are not a good option because they aren’t safe.

Advantages of free proxies:

Free proxies are insecure, but they have some benefits too. Unless you don't have any confidential or private task to do on the web, you can happily use the free proxies as they don't cost anything and let you enjoy the internet. Following are the main advantages of using free proxies:

  • Free proxies are almost free of cost and sometimes completely free, so choosing them is the most affordable option.
  • Many public proxies allow the use of some useful SEO tools like ScrapeBox, which allows easy collection of data from the network.
  • The free proxies can support Socks 5 proxies too which are very secure, and also the HTTP proxies that offer fast browsing and surfing.
  • Some applications and web browsers offer proxy use, and free proxies support this option.

Disadvantages of free proxies:

Free proxies have problems too, and if you want to keep your data private and secure, you should go for the private proxies or socks proxies as they provide a safe environment for people to navigate on the web. Following are the disadvantages of using free proxies:

  • Free proxies are very slow because many people are using it simultaneously. This can eliminate the ease of using the internet because you'll have to wait too long for performing even a simple task.
  • Because so many people are sharing the free proxy, it might be possible that you don’t get any network connection at all.
  • People using the free proxies are completely unaware of the one who is providing the service or managing it. In such cases, there are chances that your activities are being monitored.
  • Your sensitive data can be stolen, and the free proxy service providers might monitor your communications.
  • There might be hackers using the same free proxies too, and if that's so, they can cause a considerable security threat to you and your data. Hackers can easily sneak into your system and cause trouble to you by stealing data.
  • Your details and information can be easily leaked using the techniques of SSL and TLS encrypted connections.
  • You might access blocked or malicious websites because you won't know whether they are good for your system or not.

What can worse happen with the free proxies?

Free proxies are free for a reason. The fundamental advantage of these proxies is that they are free and easy to use, as stated earlier. With these proxies, you don't have to alter the software settings or install any application, and you can connect and start using it. However, when it comes to the disadvantages, things don't remain so simple. The quality of free proxies is always lower than that of the private proxies that are paid ones. The free proxies are mostly created to accelerate access of the internet, and they don't allow manipulation of IP addresses.

Apart from the issues of the lifetime and stability of free proxies, other items can be troublesome for the users. While you're using free proxies, the chances are that your system might be infected with malware or some different sort of infection that can cause loss of data or any other danger. However, some of the worst things that can happen due to the free proxies are as follows:

  • Your credit card or banking info can be stolen.
  • Your login info of various apps or sites such as social media can be stolen.
  • Your internet activities can be monitored.
  • You might be forced to participate in the DDoS attacks, and this happens when the browser starts loading a website hundreds of times within a second.


If you want to use a proxy on a continuous basis, we advise you to use paid proxies because they are faster and more secure. If you're going to use the free proxies because of their affordability, you should use them for performing just basic and harmless activities such as web surfing and browsing. If you have something confidential to do, using paid or private proxies is a better choice.

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