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Low-cost computer for the kids

yowmamasita profile image Ben Adrian Sarmiento ・1 min read

Juju playing on his new computer

Total cost: S$192.8 ($145 or ~₱7,000)


Dell 22" Touchscreen Monitor S2240T - S$66

Dell product image

Carousell deal

Raspberry Pi 400 - S$113

Raspberry Pi 400 product image

RPi 400 receipt

Micro HDMI to HDMI - S$7

Micro HDMI product image

SanDisk microSD 32GB - S$6.80

MicroSD product image

The USB-C PD adaptor I use is from my broken RPi4 so it's free.

The S2240T also comes with an audio out jack where I use my old ATH-M50. You can also use a bluetooth speaker with the Raspberry Pi 400.

I installed Raspbian OS then ScummVM to play point-and-click adventure games (perfect for the touchscreen monitor).

The games you can get here or here. Enjoy!

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