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Discussion on: What is your debugging approach?

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If you write perfect patches maybe.

But if you're app use a shared state like the database, and your patch is wrong you might become nightmares.

The wrong states resulting for your mistake are left in the database. And worst is that normally the code is not made to handle inconsistent states.

If you note the mistake in the patch you can make a correction patch but also need an sql query to correct the wrong states.

Is you don't detect it son, the code might generate wormy states for the related entities and this situation spreads.

By the time you note the database might be so inconsistent that you better drop it.

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Prasanna Natarajan

Yes, I'm aware of the risks of this approach.

I mentioned it explicitly in the post too.

Even if I know how the patch works inside out, I don't ever try this when it involves database changes. Too risky.