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Why Data Science

Finding what people really want is one important thing I care about.

I have been a software and mechanical engineer. As an engineer, I tried to make sure the products meet the needs of my users as much as possible. When interviewing users and analyzing their requirements, I got the problem. It seems difficult for people to clearly say what they need and what they really want. There is a big gap between what people said and what they really want. Data science is a powerful tool to discover the real needs of people.

Asking, “Why?” is the key to everything.

Data science is the study of data. Data analysis is a process with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making. Effective analysis requires obtaining relevant facts to answer questions and support a conclusion or opinion. These insights help people to make powerful data driven decisions.
Here is a list of data science deliverables: Prediction, Classification, Recommendations, Pattern detection and grouping, Anomaly detection, Recognition, Actionable insights, Automated processes and decision-making, Optimization, Forecasts.
Whatever questions you may have, data science could provide an objective opinion.

Data science is becoming pervasive across so many industries. Data science can be applied to many different domains. It is widely used in e-commerce industries, banking, health-care, even film industry.

In the future

I would like to apply data science to the mechanical engineering field such as machine monitor, production forecast, failure prevention, improve reliability, and warranty analysis.In automated production, collecting and monitoring data allows us to replace components and maintenance machinery at the proper timing to optimize our productivity.

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