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Three layers of productivity and my recommends

I think there are three layers in the productivity.

The first one is personal productivity, the second one is team productivity, and the last layer is the architecture(or organization) productivity.

Personal Productivity

My recommends for boosting personal productivity in coding are TDD, knowing data structure and algorithm, and design pattern.
TDD stands for Test Driven Development and it improve my code and speed.
Knowing data structure, especially hash map, reduce my time for problem resolution.
And design pattern is applicable through any platform or any framework. Listener pattern can be used in mobile development, web development, and simple application anywhere.

Team Productivity

Agile or Scrum is for boosting team productivity.
Kanban board is super useful for task management.
Retrospective makes us look back our process and improve it.

Architecture Productivity

Micro Service is the best architecture for big products.
Many team can work in autonomous with freedom and responsibility.
Each team can use any technology and any programming language for the specific problem they want to solve.
They can innovate small.
It also reduce communication overhead.

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