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Hi Sankalp, I also think Polaris is an useful library for UI when working with react projects. Just keep in mind that it is against Shopify's terms and conditions to use the library for external stand alone projects that are not related to Shopify. From their terms and conditions:

2. License Restrictions. You may not use the Polaris Design Guidelines (i) to develop, test, or distribute an external, stand-alone Application (“External Application”) unless such External Application is not identical to and is dissimilar and visually distinct from Shopify products and services (including the internal administration page of a Shopify merchant store (“Shopify Admin”)), as determined by Shopify in its sole discretion, (ii) to mislead consumers as to Shopify’s sponsorship of, affiliation with, or endorsement of you, your organization, or your Application, and (iii) for any purpose not expressly permitted by this License Agreement. For clarity, any Application that embeds directly inside the Shopify Admin or other Shopify interface that allows for the embedding of Applications (“Embedded Application”), as determined by Shopify in its sole discretion, may be visually similar, but not identical, to Shopify products and services. You may not modify, adapt, redistribute, or create derivative works of the Polaris Design Guidelines or any part of the Polaris Design Guidelines.



Hi Fernando, thanks for this. I genuinely had know idea about these terms and conditions set by Shopify. I guess I should have researched it better. I highly appreciate you telling me this so I can now be vary about it in the future.


No problem! I also wanted to use it for external projects but I had read in some forum it was not allowed, so I checked it directly with Shopify.

I also really love Polaris, i found an amazing ui lib similar to that, using bootstrap.

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