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Create a Mock Server on Postman Without Host your Backend

Skip this part if you want to directly know about "How to make Mock Server in Postman".

Postman is a regular use in developer life & as we moving toward we need fast and quick solutions, After update postman here is a useful cool feature they give. You can create a Mock server of your backend API's with dummy response which can be useful for frontend developer to integrate API's and set the frontend according to dummy response while your backend is under development. by this Frontend & Backend can easily work in parallel. Here are step which required to create Mock Server in Postman.


  • Open the Postman & go to your collections, if no collection is available you need to create one, then go to this 3 dots & select Mock collection. Step 1
  • Then fill the field and create a mock server for specific collection. Step 2
  • Go to the mock server option on left sidebar and copy the URL of your Mock Server. Step 3
  • Go to the API and replace your localhost path with Mock Server base URL which you copy earlier, Then go to 3 dots of that particular API and select "Add Example". Step 4
  • Now add the response format with dummy data you want to give to frontend, also with status code. add multiple examples for same request with different params if you want to. Step 5 Important: You we now no need to host your Backend on any hosting tool while your backend is under development. hope it give you some knowledge.

You can get video tutorial at my YouTube channel

How to create a Mock Server in Postman

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