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Discussion on: Why Do You Need a Backend?

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Would say it like this. There is huge value in data. Set based access is powerful. It goes down to the point of storing a query outside of a compilable application versus having to rebuild a codebase. Yes, there are many smart ways around this but to discount database modelling seems incorrect.
My main concern is the risk of "throwing the baby out with bathwater."
Am certain this wasn't your intention and even if it was, no harm done. Just to blow your mind.
I believe that object oriented programming was started with plato and universals. Now we think that oop is outdated and yet we would not say this because the significance of understanding it is so emphatic to deny it is ridiculous. If we could even begin to imagine universals we would be ahead of almost everybody in today's world.

Deep, but anyway. Had to be said. 😊

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K Author

I don't know if I understood all that you said 🙃

but at least I understood that data modeling is important and if frontend devs wanna do more fullstack stuff, they should definitly look into data modeling. 🤓