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Alumni Panel

We had a panel of 4 alumni speak and answer our questions today. It was great - a lot of practical knowledge as we head into the job search.

Here are some of my takeaways:

Go deep rather than broad

Rather than pick up a bunch of new languages and frameworks post-HR, get better at the ones I list on my resume. Whatever I include there is fair game. Be strong with those.

Data structures and algorithms

One of the presenters said this was the most meaningful work he put in. Another mentioned continuing to meet with cohort-mates to practice and improve in this area after graduation.

Keep up the momentum

We heard how easy it was for these skills to atrophy without continued practice. If you don't use it you lose it. While it's tempting to take some time off post-HR for some rejuvenation, it's more productive to stay sharp, stay focused, and stay in a working groove.

Believe in Self

We have value. We are better than our imposter syndrome.

The right answer isn't everything

Sure you want to solve the toy problem. But it's not just about the solution. Can you have a productive interaction with the interviewer? Can you show strong, and flexible problem-solving process? Would they want to work with you?

It was a great panel! Seeing/hearing them makes believe in myself as an engineer.

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