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Five Reasons Why You Should Try Out Sveltejs

svelte is relatively new in town, not new, but the new version seems new I bet you will like to try it out lol

hey devs, I almost agreed that all JavaScript use interface frameworks are all the same until I heard something about svelte, few days later I tried out the framework and see the strength of the JavaScript UI framework,

firstly, What is Svelte ?

Svelte is a JavaScript framework written by Rich Harris. Svelte applications do not include framework references. Instead, building a Svelte applications generates code to manipulate the DOM, which may give better client run-time performance.

Svelte is a JavaScript user interface framework that works exactly like a compiler which means you write your codes in svelte and, the framework help you compile your codes to vanilla JavaScript in other to manipulate the document objects (DOM).

This process seems little bit tricky, As we all known how react came into web development, which results in modern web development, web components and change how user interface works, in my own view svelte is not like React, nor Angular or Vue, Although some features still work the same, but I still view svelte as a new framework that does its job efficiently with difference.

I so much like the concept of how JavaScript works, the language is pretty much the language I can say I understand and willing to work with for sometimes, but yet with lots of passion put in, I still find working with react a bit difficult or clumsy.
The way react works is fine, awesome and very reactive but lots of works have to done before a react-app works just fine all this makes me feel like trying out another user interface framework that can make life more easier for me, it’s not bad at all then I tried out svelte and discover the strength of the framework.

Don’t get me wrong friends, JavaScript is not going any where, Angular Works fine same as Vue works pretty ok, and React been the boss of all, I’m not preaching then off all, JavaScript user interface frameworks works efficiently okay, but svelte is new in town, so relatively new that you should try out the framework awesomeness.

with my overview of the five reasons why you should consider trying out svelte, check out the framework strength, I will like to let you know that all the reason are all my overview and what I experienced so far from trying out the framework.
Here are my five reasons why you should consider trying out svelte

Svelte Works Differently
According to the speech by Harris rich and the descriptions including blog posts on svelte official website and the way svelte actually works, the flows and how things get done are totally different from other frameworks. The major difference between svelte and other user interface frameworks is that svelte compile your svelte codes into vanilla JavaScript.

Svelte is small and reactive enough
I can say with confidence in me that, svelte is reactive enough guys drive in and try out this framework.
Comparing svelte with other user interface frameworks I think svelte is relatively small in size and build faster.

Svelte is easy to start with
I can say with few minutes of your time you can quickly understand how svelte works and build something with the compiler framework as it’s easy to start with and grow over time, I’m not yet a expert in svelte but the framework is quite good, easy to start with and it’s promising.

Svelte is smooth with PWA
A lot of us have try building react-app using progressive web application techniques well, the concept with react, angular, vue and other user interface frameworks even vanilla JavaScript works fine, I won’t say much try and build PWA techniques with svelte and unveil the strength of the compiler framework.

Friends let make it interactive this time, comment below your view about sveltejs I have more to deliver on svelte thank you.

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Kari Ikonen • Edited on

I certainly like "frameworklessness" in svelte, since it allows neatly to compile standalone widgets. So far tried it out in writing typeahead and select widgets (to replace twitter-typeahead and select2 libraries), and svelte works rather nicely. However, personally I would want to split CSS, HTML and javascript parts into separate files, since it would make managing them a bit easier (i.e. when widget size grows to 1000+ lines).

zediculz profile image
Oluwaseyifunmitan Author

You can split your CSS, HTML & JavaScript in components

albertopfunk profile image

Svelte is super intuitive, I was surprised how quickly I was able to build with it after a quick crash course. From handling props, global data, to accessing elements without having to go through the whole Refs charade. Excited to see where this goes, especially when it comes to animations and webGL stuff

aguilera51284 profile image
Arturo Aguilera

why svelte and not solidjs? solid its better :B

zediculz profile image
Oluwaseyifunmitan Author

Have not try out solidjs before, svelte is nice 👍 to work with I think moreover all JavaScript user interface frameworks works perfectly fine.