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Open source at Zenika

🦁 Yvonnick FRIN
Developer Web Fullstack at @Pix. I'm a @NantesJS meetup co-organizer on my spare time.
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A few weeks ago we announced the launch of our brand new website at Zenika about our open source culture. It aims to promote our projects and those of our colleagues.

Here is a few of these:

  • immutadot is a JavaScript library to deal with nested immutable structures.
  • bento-starter is full-stack solution to quickly build PWA applications with Vue.js and Firebase.
  • Emendare is a democratic platform to draft amendable texts.

You can find more projects on our GitHub's organization or on our website.

We also wrote an article on how to get started in open source. This is a first of six articles on the world of open source.

If you want further news about our projects or future articles don't forget to follow our twitter @ZenikaOSS!

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