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re: Never tried git stash, so I don't really understand. Is git rebase --continue eventually similar to git merge? I only tried git merge today.

You can try out git stash on some sample files and you will get the idea of what it is.

git rebase --continue works when you started rebasing (git rebase master) a branch with other branch (or master) that was ahead of it.
but yeah, if the branch that you are merging isnt ahead, git rebase might work in one shot.

git merge merges the branches (their commits) into one marking that it was merged from a branch.
Whereas git rebase takes the head of other branch, puts it in base of the branch that you are in, like the other branch was never there.


It seems to un-add. Easier to use VSCode's Version Control tab, I think.

VSCode's Version Control tab

Yes VSCode's Version Control features , can help you a lot to track all this.

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