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Hello, Dan and everybody else in this thread,

My question is about refs.

I'm using a library called react-mapbox-gl, which is a React wrapper for mapbox-gl-js.

My goal is to show a driving route on the map from :
1- point A to point B.
2- then a flying direction from point B to point C
3- and finally another driving direction from Point C to point D

I already managed to do that but now, I want to give the ability to the user to tap on a button to flyTo the different destination.

The mapbox-gl-js has a method called flyTo that does exactly that by passing to it the appropriate coordinates.

I'm trying to use refs to get a reference to my map by adding <Map ref={(e) => { = e; }} />... and then the goal is to use that ref to call the method when the user clicks on a specific button.

I can't figure out how to use refs to get to my solution.

here are more details and my current code:

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