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Kure small video chat service

About Kure application

Application based on kurento project & openvidu project
You can find origin source code and licence on: Licence page Kurento project page Openvidu project Openvidu tutorials project

Main reason for KMS:

  • WEBRTC VIDEOCONFERENCES One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many. Any combination you can think of is possible with OpenVidu.
  • OPEN SOURCE OpenVidu is an OpenSource project licensed under Apache License v2. Use it for free.
  • MULTIPLATFORM Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Android, iOS, desktop apps. All compatible with each other I recommended everyone to use docker. This project is commercial and i use it to run my own services. Middleware server base on node.js.


  • Protocol http2 for node middleware server.

  • Implementation of session websocket based account system.

(used from visual-ts game engine project)

Kure Video Chat is commercial project but you can find code for session account system from:

KMS vs openvidu docker variant with nodejs middleware.
Public web server for Kure service:

Websocket port: 3232

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