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Discussion on: Is Angular dead ?

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Hugo Torzuoli Author

I'm not sure to understand, how a frontend framework could affect UX on mobile? Can you detail?

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syedahmedhaidershah • Edited

More like a combination of UX and HCI. UX counts for user interaction based events, but, lags, bottlenecks and memory leaks that cause buttons to respond late or call backs be delayed even by a few milli seconds is really frustrating.

Mobile devices though have a better architecture than most computer devices, but are less powerful than your desktop computers. Tools that work fine on your system might not work so good on the phone due to less powerful resources.

Many professional developers also fail to understand tha effect of incorrect CSS on performance and how it could cause a webpage to re-render at times. I too miss out on it sometimes.

I hope this helped. For a better understanding you could look into VDOM, how it works, and its pros & cons.
Then go over Incremental DOM.

Since I am a Computer Systems Engineer too, I love performance along with beauty, Dev time's a tradeoff though.

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Hugo Torzuoli Author

Ok I see your point, and agree a lot with you!
Thanks for explanation.