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Discussion on: Technical interviews devs enjoy

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Akash • Edited on

the archaic methods as said by Tommy are so so overrated and in grained in people. the line 'reduced to memorization instead of creativity' is so damn true to every inch of it, that it hits hard. how the interviews are conducted and how you actually operate as a dev in day to day tasks are a class apart (pun intended :P). it becomes worse when the interviewer or someone questioning you (could be your lead or a fellow teammate) looks down upon you on not memorizing things. it gets even more saddening when I see people who have faced this, carry on the same damn process forward. keep up Mage :) and thanks for sharing such a nice and much needed articled in the dev community.

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Mage Author

💯. Thanks @akash230 for the read and for the kind words! We hope to keep putting out content to help the dev community!