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How to convert RoamResearch into a desktop application and any other sites

Hi guys,
I'm Davide, founder and web-developer at Sprint Studio, this is my first post here

Today I would like tell you about a simple hack that could be useful for you ;)

RoamResearch is a note-taking app that allow you to write as you think. You could consider it as a second brain where you store your knowledge creating connections between your notes.

In this short and practical post we are going to see how to make RoamResearch a desktop application

Why convert RoamResearch into a desktop application?

Sometimes we have more tabs in the browser that distracts us from writing. The main goal of convert RoamResearch into a desktop application is: focus on writing, but not only..

One of the next features that the team will be develop is: offline. You could write your notes and save locally on your computer. A desktop application is perfect for this use case .

Create the application

To do this we have to install nativefier. Nativefier is a command-line tool that use Electron to wrap the specified site and create a desktop application for your system. The tool create a wrapper of RoamResearch that load the site as a desktop application.

  1. Open your terminal and run this command that install globally the package: npm install -g nativefier

You mast have to install Node >= 8 previously

  1. When the installation is finished, in your terminal launch this command: nativefier ""
  2. Wait a minute and you will see a new folder in the working directory, containing the application.
  3. Open the folder then open the app
  4. Login with username and password
  5. Boom, now you have RoamResearch as a desktop application!

Do you use RoamResearch as a personal knowledge base?

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