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Alexa reads Reddit via Python

Updated on ・1 min read

Today I decided to branch out on my python studies by looking at an Alexa skill via python tutorial.

The tutorial shows how to get the top 10 headlines from a subreddit on via a voice command.

The most challenging part of it all was figuring out what dependencies were missing from my pc to run it.

Cue lots of googling error messages and trying things until eventually the python module ran locally. So thankful for StackOverflow!

Then when it came to setting up the skill on
I had to work around the difference between an old tutorial and an updated UI and differing Json models.

It was a long slog but I'm proud of myself for seeing it through to the end!

Pic below of successful test 😁

Craic is 90!

I've added the code used to my github

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